Struggling, impatient, and restless without Technology..

2,372 hrs in to technology
24-hrs in a day
168 hrs in a week…you do the math…lol I believe it’s more than 14 weeks straight of watch T.V. That’s about 2 months of non-stop distractions. And I think it’s probably more because my phone is by my side every day.
Struggling, impatient, and restless without Technology!

I just adore Oprah’s shows I will admit I’ve been slacking, but now that its summer I’m back on track. Anyways today Oprah had a show: What can you live without experiment- “If you wanted to bring more meaning to life…what are you willing to take out” A lot of people today are literally caught up with the chaotic distraction of technology, and little things that simply take away from their everyday lives. It might be weird of me to say, but I don’t blame them. It’s become a little hard to do certain things without technology. If we try to connect with friends, emailing your job, going to eat at restaurants, and simply communicating with loved ones it manly gets done with the help of technology. But why is that, I seem to ask myself that every day. Back in the day we didn’t have anything, I remember walking to my friends house, and sometimes living disappointed because she couldn’t play…lol then thinking I walked this whole way for nothing (remember that)…lol. Recently my boyfriend broke up with me, but don’t get me wrong I fine, but at first it was so hard for me to let him go I will admit.

After dwelling for a while…lol I realized once you get so attached to something (or someone) you seem to get molded, or accustomed to it. It’s an un-explainable force that literally controls us. It wasn’t until I asked him to do me a favor, and he said sure, I simply asked him if he cannot respond to any of my text or phone calls. It wasn’t because I was cutting him off forever but I was cutting off the layers of myself that wasn’t happy, I was miserable , and sad because of the breakup so I wanted to start fresh and I also wanted to get a better understanding of myself. SO that’s basically what happened to these families, they let go of certain things that were keeping them away from life.

Son, father, mother, and daughter from Chicago IL, and 2 sons, daughter, mother, and father (not really sure where they were from)
Oprah asked two families to be stripped of everything that was distracting them form spending time with their family. They couldn’t eat out at restaurants they had to fully cook their meals. The dad in the first family was bugging out at the grocery store he threw a fit because he couldn’t watch T.V, and it was just a few hours after giving their things away it was the funniest thing to Also the daughter in the first family lashed out at the father because she had to sit and read a book instead of texting on the phone with friends. If you seen it you would have been laughing too. The family started to commit time together after day two. Even though this experiment was hard for them they were asked to extend for 7 more days. They said the first week was an experiment, but the second week will be the real challenge so they did it. The son said he became grateful for the little things that his family did for him and also the time with him.
The second family in this case it was the mother that is disconnected from the family. Growing up she was deprived from a lot, and is scared to go back to that life. Unaware of the situations in their own home they all seem to go to other rooms alone like many of us today DO! Taking a closer and personal look with herself (mother of the second family) she realized that listening to the music and being on the computer it has literally taking was herself way from her kids (the therapy really wasn’t therapy) 10 things were asked by this family everyday to be taken out the home.
-simplifying your life. It’s not about getting more things it’s about being happy without. Mother of the Second family.



Seek the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you, there lies your purpose.
If you aggressively seek God and his ways and really demand that you be shown what it is he wants you to do, you'll find it. Its closer than you think, you might already be filling his purpose, but not see it. Revelation comes by Discovery by Searching


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